The Dean System Drive is a self-contained propulsion system not requiring the loss of mass.

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Einstien’s Antigravity by Tim Ventura

During the course of researching his best-selling book, “The Hunt for Zero Point”, Nick Cook stumbled upon World War II era evidence for a secret Nazi Weapon that came to be known as the “Nazi Bell” device. This device was constructed by a scientific team reporting to SS General Hans Kammler under a veil of secrecy even deeper than that of the Nazi nuclear research.

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Newtonian Rotational Mechanics

Thanks to Jerry Volland, webmaster at the http://www.thespaceoffice/newt.htm Einstein’s Antigravity Formula Antigravity was defined by Einstein in his General Theory of Relativity as A=pi*mu*nu, with pi representing a semi circle, mu being mass, and nu the displacement velocity. To visualize the effect, hold a pencil horizontally and rotate it up and over around one […]

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