The Dean System Drive is a self-contained propulsion system not requiring the loss of mass.

Other Drives

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Steve Hampton- Drive Researcher

Steven Hampton-

One of, or the most successful followers of the Dean Drive System is Steven Hampton.

From hoverflies to solid-state star drives, author and inventor Steven Hampton discusses gravity and the nature of inertial flight. He describes how Dean Drives lay waste to the basic notion of simultaneity in Newton’s Third Law of Motion and why inertial propulsion does not violate the Conservation laws.

Visit his website, for his wonderful contributions to inertial propulsion.

In MemoryConsider the work of Bruce DePalma, and his work found here:

The mechanical generation of a unidirectional force, is shown to be a consequence of the variable inertia property of matter.

Visit Bruce DePalmas’ website….

Here’s another interesting tidbit:

Method and Apparatus for Generating a Secondary Gravitational Force Field

ExplorerSatellites_LudwigOct2004 (PDF)

Enterprise Mission

The Enterprise Mission-

Review of the publicly-available data revealed the equally-unexpected “over performance” of two additional Explorer satellites in von Braun’s early Army program, as well as similar “mysteriously enlarged orbits” of all three successful US Navy Vanguard satellites … to the point where the latter have now become the oldest man-made artifacts still orbiting the Earth!

And yet, as also noted in our first section — even after fifty years — no one seems to have noticed or asked any in-depth questions about this astonishing sequence of events: the repeated, gross violations of both “Newton’s Laws” and “Einstein’s Relativity” … in the launching of America’s first satellites!

To say nothing of the simultaneous appearance of enormous quantities of literal “free energy” … in each of their much larger orbits–All … apparently from nowhere!

VonBraun at the blackboard